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Two Golden Rules Use your camera's menu system to switch to 16-bit audio. You, an iMovie afcio- nado, can easily overlay additional audio using your computer, so you give up nothing--except a lot of frustration. (Make this change now, before you record anything important.) General iMovie Troubleshooting Let's start general, shall we? Weird Inconsistent Problems When a program's preferences fle becomes scrambled, all kinds of peculiar behavior can result. Buttons and functions don't work. Visual anomalies appear. Things just don't work right. If iMovie starts having a bad hair day, suspect its preferences fle. Quit the program, open your HomeLibraryPreferences folder, and throw away the fle called com. apple.iMovie.plist. The next time you run iMovie, it will automatically build a new preferences fle. This fle will have the original factory settings (for the options in, for example, the Prefer- ences dialog box), but at least it will be healthy and whole.