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appendix b Troubleshooting A pple wasn't fooling around when it wrote iMovie HD. Big chunks of the pro- gram were completely rewritten in this version. Put another way, big chunks of this program are in their 1.0 version. And you know what that means, right? Right: bugs. As of version 5.0.1, a number of peculiar glitches remain. Some offer easy workarounds; some remain baffing and have no simple solutions. Adding to the confusion is the fact that many of these bugs are intermittent, striking some people sometimes and other people not at all. Some of the best minds in the business are at a loss to explain the inconsistencies. Here, though, is the world's most complete compendium of the problems that may occur--and the world's best attempts at solving them. Two Golden Rules If there's any common wisdom at all about iMovie, here it is: a pair of golden rules that will stave off a huge number of problems down the road. ·Usethelatestversion. Each ".01" or ".02" upgrade zaps a whole host of bugs and glitches. These updates are free, so when your Software Update program advises you that one is available, jump at the chance to install it. ·Setyourcamcorderto16-bitaudio. The typical digital camcorder can record its audio track using either 12-bit or 16-bit audio. The factory setting is 12-bit, which gives non­computer owners a chance to overlay a second audio track without erasing the original camera sound. Trouble is, 12-bit audio may slowly drift out of sync with the video when you burn the fnished project to a DVD. appendixb:troubleshooting 475