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iMovie HD, Menu by Menu > iMovie HD, Menu by Menu - Pg. 471

This command, then, makes the entire iMovie window snap to its preferred size, big- ger or smaller than you've got it now, so that the Monitor window itself is 640 x 480 pixels, which is the "full DV" proportions referred to by the menu command. On a big screen, this usually means that the iMovie window gets much smaller than you'd like it; now you don't have nearly as much timeline to work with. But at least you're now seeing the video at its optimal size. Figure A-4: You can resize iMov- ie's window, sure--but because the Monitor window always oc- cupies a fxed portion of the greater iMovie window, changing the window's size winds up shrinking or enlarging the original DV picture. Want proof? Option- drag the lower-right corner to reveal the Window Menu