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Markers Menu Remember that you can type names for your chapter markers--and access a sec- ond way to add and delete them--by clicking the iDVD button beneath the effects and sounds panel. See page 357 for more on chapter markers. Keyboard shortcut: Shift-c-M. · Delete Chapter Marker deletes whatever chapter marker you've clicked in the Movie Track. Keyboard shortcut: Option-c-M. Advanced Menu This menu is a mishmash of miscellaneous iMovie features. For example: · Extract Audio splits the audio from a highlighted video clip into an independent audio clip in the Timeline Viewer, as described on page 239. Keyboard shortcut: c-J. · Paste Over at Playhead performs a video overlay. It pastes your most recently cut or copied video on top of (replacing) whatever video is now at the Playhead. (Contrast with the Paste command, which shoves existing footage off to the right.) Depend- ing on your settings in Preferences, a Paste Over preserves the original audio, so that the video appears to cut away while the narration or soundtrack continues uninterrupted. Keyboard shortcut: Shift-c-V.