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Edit Menu This command can be a quick, effcient way to delete, move, consolidate, or modify a lot of similar material en masse. Keyboard shortcut: Option-c-A. Select None Memorizing this command (or better yet, its keyboard equivalent, Shift-c-A) is an excellent idea. It comes into play quite often; for example, every time you wrap up editing a particular clip and then want to watch your entire movie in progress. You can play back the entire movie only when no clip is selected. Tip: You can also deselect all clips by clicking anywhere on the metallic-looking surface of the iMovie background. You can also use Select None after you've been fddling with the crop handles under the Scrubber bar. Select None makes them disappear, so that none of the footage is highlighted. Crop Use the Crop command to trim excess ends off a clip after you've isolated a portion of it using the triangular handles under the Scrubber bar. Keyboard shortcut: c-K.