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Tip: To play back a section repeatedly for analysis, just keep clicking at the same spot in the Scrubber bar while the clip plays. Navigating Your Clips Figure 5-2: While a clip plays, the Playhead (the down-pointing triangle) slides across the Scrubber bar. If you can catch it, you can drag the Playhead using the mouse, thus jumping around in the movie. Or you can simply click anywhere in the Scrubber bar. Ei- ther way, the playback continues at the new spot in the clip. Step Through a Clip By pressing the right and left arrow keys, you can view your clip one frame at a time, as though you're watching the world's least interesting slideshow. Hold down these arrow keys steadily to make the frame-by-frame parade go by faster. Adding the Shift key to your arrow-key presses is often more useful--it lets you jump 10 frames at a time. In time, you can get extremely good at fnding an exact frame in a particular piece of footage just by mastering the arrow-key and Shift-arrow-key shortcuts. (These shortcuts work only when the clip isn't playing.) Scan Through a Clip The Rewind and Fast Forward keystrokes (left bracket and right bracket--that is, the [ and ] keys) let you zoom through your footage faster. Press once to start playback, a second time to stop. In iMovie HD, you even hear the audio as you rewind or fast forward (sped up, chipmunk-style). You don't have to click Play frst. The Rewind and Fast Forward keystrokes start your clip playing at double speed even from a dead stop. Rename a Clip When iMovie imports your clips, it gives them such creative names as Clip 01, Clip 02, and so on. Fortunately, renaming a clip on the Clips pane or Clip Viewer is very easy: Just click directly on its name ("Clip 11") to open the renaming rectangle, and then type the new name. All the usual Macintosh editing techniques work inside this little highlighted renaming rectangle, including the Delete key and the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All commands in the Edit menu. chapter5:buildingthemovie 123