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Jump Around in a Clip > Jump Around in a Clip - Pg. 122

Navigating Your Clips when you Control-click a clip? Because Control-clicking simultaneously deselects all other selected clips, which sort of defeats the purpose.) You can paste copied clips either to another spot in the same movie, or even into a different iMovie HD project. · Move them around the Movie Track or the Clips pane--or drag them from one of those locations to the other--by dragging any one of them. The remaining clips slide leftward to close the gaps. · Drag them all to the Finder, where they appear as individual movie-clip icons, or into another program, like iDVD. · Apply the same transition, special effect, or Ken Burns photo setting to all of them using the Apply button on the Trans, Effects, and Photo panes. Similarly, you can update them all using the Update button. (Details in Chapters 6 through 8.) · Consolidate a batch of nonadjacent clips. For example, suppose you c-click clips number 1, 3, 5, and 7. Now you can use EditCut, click a different clip in the movie to pinpoint a landing site, and then choose EditPaste. The clips that you cut, which were once scattered, now appear adjacent to each other and in sequence. Tip: Here's a secret little command that very few iMovie fans even know about: Select Similar Clips.