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controls, iMovie immediately switches back into Edit Mode. The camcorder stops automatically.) Once you've highlighted a clip, its name and duration appear at the bottom edge of the Movie Track, as shown in Figure 5-1. To deselect a clip (all clips, in fact), choose EditSelect None, or press Shift-c-A, or Control-click any clip and choose Select None from the shortcut menu. If you're menu-phobic, just click anywhere except on a clip (on the metallic-looking iMovie background, say), or Shift-click the frst or last in a series of highlighted clips. Knowing these fve ways to deselect your clips will save you frustration. Just after you create an effect or title, for example, iMovie leaves only that clip highlighted. You'll usually want to deselect it--and to play back what comes before and after the effect--to see your handiwork in context. Navigating Your Clips Select Several Clips You can use a number of techniques to highlight several clips simultaneously. For example: · In the Movie Track, click one clip, and then Shift-click the last one. All consecutive clips between them get selected.