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Modifying iDVD Itself > Dive into iDVD - Pg. 441

This is a rush, an illicit-feeling power trip, but it doesn't actually hurt anything. As long as you've got your original iLife DVD on hand, so that you can install a fresh, unmodifed copy of iDVD if necessary, you can do whatever you want to a copy and still sleep peacefully at night. Modifying iDVD Itself Download the Developer Tools The following instructions assume that you have a copy of Apple's XCode Developer Tools. The Developer Tools are essential for anyone who writes software for Mac OS X. The programs that come with them help you create, debug, and compile programs. But the Developer Tools can be useful even if you're not a programmer. They include some useful utilities, including PropertyList Editor (which makes it easy to edit a program's preference fles). If you bought Mac OS X in the store, in a box, these programs are on a special CD called Developer. If Mac OS X came with your Mac, the Developer CD may be a disk image on one of your Software Restore discs. (Use Disk Utility to burn this image onto a real CD.) If a Developer CD or disk image didn't come with your Mac or your copy of Mac OS X, or if you can't fnd it, you can also download it; see the box on the facing page.