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6.Dragtheround,clearbuttonontheButtonspalette(thesecondbuttoninthe toprowofbuttons)intothespaceyoucreatedbymovingtheAppleicon. You've just installed a new button in iDVD. Unfortunately, when you click it, it won't do anything at all--yet. 7.ChooseToolsShowInfo(Shift-c-I). The Show Info dialog box appears. Make sure that the pop-up menu at the top says Attributes. 8.Clickinthethirdline(Icon).TypeMiniAudio1N. Type the phrase exactly as you see here, including spelling and capitalization. (The second to last character is a 1, not an L.) You're directing Interface Builder's attention to a certain graphic that's already in the ContentsResources folder of your iDVD Application. In short, you're giving your new button a face--an icon of its own. 9.ClosetheInfopanel. A broken-picture icon now appears over your button. That's normal--and tem- porary. In the next step, you're going to need the DVDDocument.nib window, which should also be somewhere on your screen (Figure 18-7). Move the window until you see both your new button and the iDVDThemeController cube at the same time. (You can probably see only part of the cube's name: iDVDThemeC.) Figure 18-7: The DVDDocument window has fve tabs: Instances, Classes, Images, Sounds, and Nibs. Make sure that the Instances tab is selected. Set your windows so you can see both your new button and the iDVDThemeC cube at the same time. Modifying iDVD Itself 0.WhilepressingtheControlkey,dragfromyourbuttontotheiDVDThemeC cube.Waituntilaboxappearsaroundthecubebeforereleasingthemouse. chapter18:idvdsecrets 443