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Meet iMovie HD Apple only fanned the fames when it released iMovie 2 in July 2000 (for $50), iMovie 3 in January 2003 (for free), and iMovie 4 in January 2004 (part of the $50 iLife package). Meet iMovie HD iMovie is video-editing software. Over a special wire (a FireWire cable), iMovie grabs a copy of the raw footage from your digital camcorder. Then it lets you edit this video easily, quickly, and creatively. iMovie is the world's least expensive version of what the Hollywood pros call nonlinear editing software for video, just like its much more powerful (and much more complex) rivals, like Final Cut Express ($300), Final Cut Pro ($1,000), and Avid editing suites ($100,000). The "nonlinear" part is that no tape is involved while you're editing. There's no rewinding or fast-forwarding; you jump instantly to any piece of footage as you put your movie together. Your interest in video may be inspired by any number of ambitions. Maybe you want to create professional looking shows for your local cable station's public-access channel. Or you aspire to create the next Blair Witch Project (which was created by nonprofes- sionals using a camcorder and nonlinear editing software) or the next Tarnation, an