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(and edit out those humiliating parts where you walked for 20 minutes with the camcorder accidentally flming the ground bouncing beneath it). ·Actualflms. Don't scoff: iMovie is perfectly capable of creating professional video segments, or even plotted movies. If the three kids who made The Blair Witch Project could do it with their camcorder, you can certainly do it with yours. They didn't even have iMovie; they had to get $60,000 in loans to do the editing and processing that you can do right on your Mac. Moreover, new flm festivals, Web sites, and magazines are springing up everywhere, all dedicated to independent makers of short movies. (More on this topic is coming up in Chapter 13.) ·Businessvideos. It's very easy to post video on the Internet or burn it onto a cheap, recordable CD-ROM, as described in Part 3. As a result, you should consider video a useful tool in whatever you do. If you're a realtor, blow away your rivals (and save your clients time) by showing movies, not still photos, of the properties you represent. If you're an executive, quit boring your comrades with stultifying PowerPoint slides and make your point with video instead. ·Once-in-a-lifetimeevents. Your kid's school play, your speech, someone's wedding, someone's birthday or anniversary party are all worth capturing, especially because Meet Digital Video