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Meet Digital Video ·S-VHS. This format, also known as Super VHS, accepts special, more expensive S-VHS tapes; requires a special, more expensive camcorder; and requires special, more expensive jacks on your TV or VCR. The advantage: sharper video quality. The existence of the S-VHS format should be your frst hint at a phenomenon you'll be reading, and hearing, a lot more about: For many home-video fans, the quality of the picture and sound is incredibly important. It's worth paying more for, buying add-on gear for, and reshooting scenes for. (Fortunately, you, a soon- to-be experienced digital-video [DV] producer, are ready to create videos that easily surpass the work of all of those long-suffering, pre-DV camcorder owners, no matter how much they spent on equipment.) Figure 1-1: The evolution--and the shrinking--of the modern camcorder. From top left: the full-size VHS camcorder; the 8mm/Hi-8 camcorder; and the modern DV camcorder--the one you need to work with iMovie.