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Setting Up a Title To use one of these backdrops, import it into your project as you would any graph- ics fle, as described on page 245. That discussion also explains how to control the length of time a still image appears in your movie. From there, you should have little diffculty superimposing titles as described in this chapter. Inserting and Rendering a Title When you've taken into consideration all the options described so far in this chapter, you probably have a good feel for how this title is going to look once it's inserted into your movie. Now it's time to commit it to digital flm. Dragging the Title into the Movie Track To place the title you've selected into Movie Track, proceed as follows: 1.Decidewhereyouwantthetitletobegin. Begin by pressing the Home key on your keyboard, which simultaneously deselects all clips and rewinds the Playhead to the beginning of the Movie Track. Now you can drag the playhead along the Scrubber bar. As you do, a bright red, inverted "T" cursor slides along your Clip Viewer (or a duplicate Playhead slides along your Timeline Viewer) to indicate your position.