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DVD Slideshows > Editing Slideshows - Pg. 402

DVD Slideshows Starting in iDVD If you haven't already been working in iPhoto, there's an even easier way to turn iPhoto albums into living slideshows. Just open the Customize drawer, click the Media tab, choose Photos from the pop-up menu, and voilà: You're presented with the tiny thumbnails of every digital photo in your collection. You even get to see the list of albums, exactly as they appear in iPhoto (Figure 16-11). Drag Photo Folders from the Finder Suppose you don't keep all of your pictures in iPhoto. (Hey, it could happen.) In that case, you may prefer to drag a folder of photos out of the Finder and onto an iDVD menu screen. (Make sure that the folder contains nothing but pictures. If it contains any other kind of document, or even other folders, iDVD may complain that it can't handle the "Unsupported File Type: Unknown Format.") In any case, the folder shows up on the menu screen as a new slideshow button. You're ready to edit your slideshow, as described below. Add a Slideshow, Worry about the Pictures Later If all of your photographic masterpieces aren't already together in iPhoto or even in a Finder folder, you can also bring them into iDVD individually.