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DVD Slideshows iDVD shows your entire iTunes music collection, complete with any playlists you've assembled (Figure 16-13). Tip: This list also includes any music you've created yourself using GarageBand (and exported to iTunes). Such songs make great slideshow soundtracks, because you've tailored them to the mood and the length of the show. When you fnd suitable musical accompaniment, drag its name out of the iTunes list and onto the rounded rectangle--the well, as Apple calls it--labeled Audio (also shown in Figure 16-13). You can even drag an entire playlist into the well; the DVD will play one song after another according to the playlist, so that the music won't die ignominiously in the middle of the slide show. You can also drag a sound fle from any Finder window or the desktop--and directly onto this Audio well. Tip: When it's empty, the Audio well looks like a small speaker. When it's occupied, its icon identifes the kind of audio fle you've installed; the little icon will say, for example, AIFF, AU, or MP3. The icon used when you add a playlist rather than a single song varies, usually showing the frst audio fle type used in the playlist. To try out a different piece of background music, drag a new song or audio fle into the Audio well. And if you decide that you don't want music at all, drag the fle icon