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What's New in iMovie HD more. Unfortunately, many of the best techniques aren't covered in the only "manual" you get with iMovie--its electronic help screens. This book was born to address three needs. First, it's designed to give you a grounding in professional flming and editing techniques. The camcorder and iMovie produce video of stunning visual and audio quality, giving you the technical tools to produce amazing videos. But most people don't have much experience with the artistic side of shoot- ing--lighting, sound, and composition--or even how to use the dozens of buttons packed onto the modern camcorder. This book will tell you all you need to know. Second, this book is designed to serve as the iMovie manual, as the book that should have been in the box. It explores each iMovie feature in depth, offers illustrated cata- logs of the various title and transition effects, offers shortcuts and workarounds, and unearths features that the online help doesn't even mention. Finally, this book comes with a free bonus book: iDVD 5: The Missing Manual, which constitutes Chapters 15, 16, 17, and 18. If your Mac has a DVD burner like Apple's SuperDrive, iDVD can preserve your movies on home-recorded DVDs that look and behave amazingly close to the commercial DVDs you rent from Netfix or Blockbuster. About the Outline iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual is divided into fve parts, each containing several chapters: · Part 1, Capturing DV Footage, covers what happens before you get to iMovie. It explains the DV format, helps you buy and learn to use a camcorder, and offers a crash course in professional flm technique. · Part 2, Editing in iMovie, is the heart of the book. It leads you through transferring your footage into iMovie, editing your clips, placing them into a timeline, adding crossfades and titles, working with your soundtracks, and more. · Part 3, Finding Your Audience, helps you take the cinematic masterpiece on your screen to the world. Even if you don't have the necessary gear to burn your work onto DVD, iMovie excels at exporting your work in two different ways: back to your camcorder (from which you can play it on TV, transfer it to your VCR, and so on) or to a QuickTime movie fle (which you can burn onto a CD, post on a Web page, or send to friends by email). This part of the book offers step-by-step instructions for each of these methods, and also shows you how you can use QuickTime Player Pro to supplement the editing tools in iMovie. · Part 4, iDVD 5: The Missing Manual, is just what you'd expect: a bonus volume dedicated to the world's easiest-to-use DVD design and burning software, written by guest author (and bestselling digital-video goddess) Erica Sadun. It goes way, way beyond the basics, as you'll see. At the end of the book, three appendixes provide a menu-by-menu explanation of the iMovie menu commands, a comprehensive troubleshooting handbook, and a new master cheat sheet of iMovie's keyboard shortcuts. imoviehd&idvd5:themissingmanual