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· Quick access to audio features. You know the audio waveforms--the visual rep- resentation of the loud and soft parts in an audio clip? You used to have to pay a visit to the iMovie Preferences dialog box to turn them on and off; now you have both a menu command and a keystroke that can hide or show them. Hiding or showing the horizontal, draggable volume-graph lines on audio clips is easier now, too; this feature, too, has a menu command and a keystroke. · Search your photos. A standard, iTunes-type Search box now appears underneath the Photos pane. You can pluck one of your photos out of thousands just by typing a few letters of its name. · Stills = videos. Still photos you've incorporated into your movie now behave like video clips in one useful regard: You can drag their edges horizontally to make them "play" longer or shorter in the movie. · Speed. iMovie HD processes just about everything faster: effects, transitions, and emptying the Trash. What's New in iMovie HD iDVD Changes As you'll see in Chapters 15 through 18, iDVD 5 is loaded with enhancements that help you make your DVD look even more like a commercial Hollywood DVD.