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· Quick access to audio features. You know the audio waveforms--the visual rep- resentation of the loud and soft parts in an audio clip? You used to have to pay a visit to the iMovie Preferences dialog box to turn them on and off; now you have both a menu command and a keystroke that can hide or show them. Hiding or showing the horizontal, draggable volume-graph lines on audio clips is easier now, too; this feature, too, has a menu command and a keystroke. · Search your photos. A standard, iTunes-type Search box now appears underneath the Photos pane. You can pluck one of your photos out of thousands just by typing a few letters of its name. · Stills = videos. Still photos you've incorporated into your movie now behave like video clips in one useful regard: You can drag their edges horizontally to make them "play" longer or shorter in the movie. · Speed. iMovie HD processes just about everything faster: effects, transitions, and emptying the Trash. What's New in iMovie HD iDVD Changes As you'll see in Chapters 15 through 18, iDVD 5 is loaded with enhancements that help you make your DVD look even more like a commercial Hollywood DVD. · More blank-disc formats. iDVD can record on both DVD-R and DVD+R blanks (see the difference in punctuation?), if you have a relatively recent Mac. · More themes. Version 5 comes with 15 new themes (ready-to-use menu screen designs complete with attractive backgrounds and coordinating typeface, back- ground music, and graphics). The key attraction is moving drop zones (design elements that you can fll with your own photos or movies). · Drop zone editor. A new, special window lets you fll or rearrange the contents of all your drop zones at once. It's especially handy because in iDVD 5's new themes, all of the drop zones are rarely on the screen at once. · Editable Map view. As your menu and button layouts grow more complex, you can use the Map screen to help you keep track of your menu structure. In iDVD 4, the Map was just a frozen image. But in iDVD 5, you can batch-change your transitions, themes, button settings, and music right in this schematic view. · Widescreen DVDs. If you've flmed and edited widescreen video (with an HDTV camcorder or a regular one) in iMovie, iDVD can burn it onto a widescreen DVD for you. On standard, squarish TV sets, you'll get a letterboxed picture; on wide- screen sets, you'll see video that flls your entire rectangular feld of view. About This Book Don't let the rumors fool you. iMovie may be simple, but it isn't simplistic. It offers a wide range of special effects and fexible features for creating transitions between scenes, superimposing text on your video, layering multiple soundtracks together, and introduction