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What's New in iMovie HD those gigabytes. Emptying the Trash, in other words, doesn't restore free space to your hard drive except when you're deleting an entire, untouched clip that you haven't used in the project. Note, furthermore, that you lose your entire Undo trail every time you use the Save command. As a result, hitting c-S is both a step forward and a step backward in project safety. · Self-contained project icons. In the past, each iMovie movie you worked on took the form of a folder on your hard drive, not a document icon. But iMovie HD sews that folder up into a new, single, double-clickable "document" icon called a package. Here again, the change is a blessing and a curse. The nice part is that having only one icon to deal with makes it so easy to name, copy, move, or back up. Unfor- tunately, the actual project document--the text fle that records which pieces of footage come when--is now sealed away inside the package icon, where it's no longer recognized by (for example) iDVD. You'll fnd many more details about this change on page 112. Finer Points Apple's most intriguing enhancements to iMovie HD, though, are the little nips and tucks that lie scattered throughout--features that go unmentioned on the iMovie Web site or on the "What's New" Help page, but taken together, will make a big difference in your moviemaking career. · Burn Project to Disc. This new command preserves your entire project on a blank DVD (or a CD, if the project is tiny and short). This is strictly a backup feature, one that creates a safety copy of your entire project so that you can edit it later; the resulting disc doesn't play in a DVD player. · Copyable clips. You can now copy or cut clips out of one project and paste them into another--a great way to re-use key scenes in other movies. (But note the important caveats on page 478.) · Playhead pasting. Speaking of copying and pasting: When you paste copied foot- age, iMovie always deposits it at the location of the Playhead--even if that means splitting an existing clip in half to accommodate the pasted material. · Effect and transition improvements. Transitions between video clips (like crossfades) can last ten seconds now, up from four. Reverse, slow motion, and fast motion are now listed in the Effects panel, just like all the other effects. (So don't keep scouring the bottom of the Timeline Viewer looking for these controls; they're not there anymore.) You have a few new effects, transitions, and sound effects to choose from. And you can be much more precise with your effects, transitions, and titles, because you can directly edit the timing numbers in the Preview window just by typing over them. imoviehd&idvd5:themissingmanual