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What's New in iMovie HD those gigabytes. Emptying the Trash, in other words, doesn't restore free space to your hard drive except when you're deleting an entire, untouched clip that you haven't used in the project. Note, furthermore, that you lose your entire Undo trail every time you use the Save command. As a result, hitting c-S is both a step forward and a step backward in project safety. · Self-contained project icons. In the past, each iMovie movie you worked on took the form of a folder on your hard drive, not a document icon. But iMovie HD sews that folder up into a new, single, double-clickable "document" icon called a package. Here again, the change is a blessing and a curse. The nice part is that having only one icon to deal with makes it so easy to name, copy, move, or back up. Unfor- tunately, the actual project document--the text fle that records which pieces of footage come when--is now sealed away inside the package icon, where it's no longer recognized by (for example) iDVD. You'll fnd many more details about this change on page 112. Finer Points