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Chapter 7: Titles, Captions,and Credits > Setting Up a Title - Pg. 180

Setting Up a Title Tip: Using the Titles feature described in this chapter isn't the only way to create text effects. Using a graphics program like AppleWorks or Photoshop Elements, you can create text "slides" with far more fexibility than you can in the Titles feature. For example, the built-in Titles feature offers you a choice of only 16 colors and limited choice of type size. But using a "title card" that you import as a graphic, you're free to use any text color and any font size. You can even dress up such titles with clip art, 3-D effects, and whatever other features your graphics software offers. Credits that you import as still graphics in this way can't do much more than fade in and fade out. When you bypass iMovie's built-in titles feature, you give up the ability to use the fancy animations. Still, the fexibility you gain in the look, color, and size of your type may be worth the sacrifce. For details on this technique, see Chapter 9. Setting Up a Title Adding some text to your movie requires several setup steps: 1.Chooseatitleeffect. 2.Typethetext. 3.Specifythedurationandtiming.