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Chapter 5: Building the Movie > Undo, Revert, and Other Safety Nets - Pg. 125

pane. When they seem to be in a good order for your fnished scene, drag the whole batch to the Movie Track at once. Tip: See the little tiny icon next to the name of your project (top of the window)? If you drag that icon to any visible swatch of your Desktop, you create an alias of your project there--a handy, double-clickable launch pad to get you back into this project tomorrow. Navigating Your Clips Undo, Revert, and Other Safety Nets As programs go, iMovie is a forgiving one. For starters, the EditUndo command is an unlimited Undo command, meaning that you can retrace (undo) your steps, one at a time, working backward all the way back to the moment when you created the project. (You can even unimport a clip from your camcorder!) There's an EditRedo command, too, so you can undo your undoing. Revert to Saved But iMovie HD also offers, for the frst time, a Revert to Saved command. If you really botch your work, choosing FileRevert to Saved takes the project all the way back to its condition the last time you used the Save command. It basically undoes every