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Chapter 5: Building the Movie > The Movie Track: Your Storyboard - Pg. 136

Splitting a Clip You can press the right- or left-arrow keys to nudge the Playhead one frame at a time to the right or left. Use Shift-arrow keys for 10-frame jumps. 3.ChooseEditSplitVideoClipatPlayhead(orpressc-T). As shown in Figure 5-8, you wind up with two different clips, both highlighted. If the original was called "Split Me Up," iMovie calls the resultant clips "Split Me Up" and "Split Me Up/1." (To remove the highlighting, click anywhere else on the screen, or choose EditSelect None.) The Movie Track: Your Storyboard When you're not trimming or splitting your clips, most of your iMovie time will be spent in the Movie Track--the horizontal strip at the bottom of the screen (see Figure 5-7). The idea is that you'll drag the edited clips out of the Clips pane and into the correct order on the Movie Track, exactly as though you're building a storyboard or timeline. As noted at the beginning of this chapter, the Movie Track offers two different views: the Clip Viewer and the Timeline Viewer. Both are illustrated in Figure 5-9. In either view, you can freely rearrange clips by dragging them. In the Clip Viewer,