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Chapter 5: Building the Movie > Splitting a Clip - Pg. 135

Tip: Just a reminder: Whenever you cut material out of a clip, you can always restore it. Once the clip is placed in the Timeline, just tug outward on the edge where the cut occurred. iMovie smoothly "un-hides" the footage you had cut away. Three Ways to Trim a Clip Splitting a Clip The techniques described in the previous section work well when you want to remove some footage from a clip. Sometimes, however, it can be useful to split a clip into two separate clips without deleting footage in the process. For example, suppose you want the title of your movie to appear 5 seconds into a certain piece of footage. In iMovie, the only way to accomplish that feat is to split the clip into three pieces--the frst one being 5 seconds long--and superimpose the title credit on the middle piece. (More on titles in Chapter 7.) The Split Video Clip at Playhead command is exactly what you need in that case. 1.Clickthecliptoselectit,whetherintheClipspaneortheMovieTrack. This time, you'll click above the Scrubber bar, not below it. 2.Clickinside,ordragalong,theScrubberbaruntilyoufndthespotwhereyou wanttosplittheclip. Figure 5-8: After you split a clip, iMovie cuts your clip in two and highlights both of the resulting clip icons (Clip Viewer, bot- tom). If the clip started out in the Movie Track, the Monitor window still lets you scroll all the way through the original clip. Only the telltale slashed number ("/1") on the second part of the clip lets you know that you're actually looking at two different clips side by side. chapter5:buildingthemovie 135