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Chapter 5: Building the Movie > Shortening Clips by Dragging - Pg. 128

The Project Trash · On the other hand, emptying the project Trash doesn't always restore free disk space, for technical reasons described in the box below. · Emptying the Trash is no longer likely to corrupt your iMovie project--a rare but deeply upsetting occurrence in iMovie 4. · Emptying the Trash is very fast in iMovie HD, even if there are thousands of clips in there. Shortening Clips by Dragging Almost nobody hits the camcorder's Record button at the precise instant when the action begins and stops recording the instant it stops. Life is just too unpredictable. That's why the frst thing most people do when they get their clips into a movie is trim them--to chop the boring parts off the beginning and ending of each clip before dragging them onto the timeline. In the earliest versions of iMovie, you trimmed your clips by splitting them apart, by chopping off their ends or lopping chunks out of the middle. That was OK, but things got messy if you later changed your mind; if, for example, you cut 10 seconds off the end and later decided you wanted 5 of them back.