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Chapter 5: Building the Movie > Navigating Your Clips - Pg. 119

chapter 5 Building the Movie W hether on your Mac or in a multimillion-dollar Hollywood professional studio, flm editing boils down to three tiny tasks: selecting, trimming, and rearranging clips. Of course, that's like saying that there's nothing more to painting than mixing various amounts of red, yellow, and blue. The art of video editing lies in your decisions about which clips you select, how you trim them, and what order you put them in. At its simplest, iMovie editing works like this: 1.Trimyourclipsuntiltheycontainexactlythefootageyouwant. 2.DragyourclipsfromtheClipspanetothestoryboardareaatthebottomofthe screen,whereiMovieplaystheminoneseamlesspass,fromlefttoright. 3.Rearrangethescenesbydraggingthemaround. 4.Addcrossfades,titles(credits),effects,music,andsoundeffects. This chapter is dedicated to showing you the mechanics of the frst three tasks. The following chapters cover the fourth step, and Chapter 10 offers tips for adding taste and artistry to these proceedings. Navigating Your Clips As you're building your movie, you can store your clips in either of two places: the Clips pane or the strip at the bottom of the window. You put clips on the Clips pane before deciding what to do with them, and drag them down to the storyboard area once you've decided where they ft into your movie. chapter5:buildingthemovie 119