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Chapter 5: Building the Movie > Full-Screen Playback Mode - Pg. 144

Playing the Movie Track · Stop the playback by pressing the Space bar. · Stop the playback and rewind to the beginning by pressing the Home key. Editing Clips in the Movie Track Fortunately, all of the editing tricks for trimming and splitting clips described in this chapter also work in the Movie Track. In other words, just because you see the seg- mented Scrubber bar (Figure 5-8) doesn't mean you can't click below it to produce the triangle handles, or click above it in readiness to use the Split Clip at Playhead command. You can also perform many of the same clip-editing operations that you read about in their Clips pane context, earlier in this chapter. For example, you can rename a clip, delete it from the project, or use the Edit menu commands on it, exactly as you operate on Clips pane clips. Full-Screen Playback Mode Whenever you're tempted to play your movie-in-progress, consider clicking the Play Full Screen button (the darkened triangle to the right of the round Play but- ton). It makes the playback--even if it's already under way--fll the entire computer