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Chapter 18: iDVD Secrets > Uncover Your DVD Project File - Pg. 437

The Info Window Choose ProjectProject Info (c-I) to open the Info window associated with your project, where you can see more details about the status and contents of your project (Figure 18-3). Tip: You can change the name of your disc by editing the text feld at the top of the window. As a rule, use the letters A­Z, the numbers 0­9, and the underscore (_). The resulting name will be case insensitive, with all lowercase letters converted to uppercase. Project Info Uncover Your DVD Project File Behind the scenes, iDVD stores all the pieces of your project inside the .dvdproj "fle" that you created when you frst saved your work. However, the .dvdproj fle isn't really a fle, even though it looks like a single icon on your desktop. It's actually a package--a disguised Mac OS X folder--that contains many subfolders and fles. To peek inside, follow these steps: 1.QuitiDVD. Never mess with your project fles when iDVD is running.