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Chapter 18: iDVD Secrets > Modifying iDVD Itself - Pg. 440

AppleScripting iDVD slideshow in a certain DVD project; a quick menu command that lets you turn the automatic button grid on or off; and more. ·CreateDVDFromFolder. This script is a droplet--a little application icon that does its work when you drag-and-drop something onto it. In this case, when you drag a folder of fles onto this droplet, it opens iDVD and creates a new project automatically, based on the folder's contents and hierarchy. Complete instructions and examples come with the download. ·Photoshop to iDVD. This script automatically converts whatever document is currently open in Photoshop into a background image for the current menu screen in iDVD. It can be a real timesaver if you like to create your own DVD backgrounds. ·iTunestoiDVD.You know from Chapter 17 how to turn an iTunes song into the background music for a menu screen. But if you're already in iTunes, you can use this script to turn a selected track into the audio background for the current menu. ·SequentialMovie. This dropletcreates a series of iDVD menu screens that guide your audience through a sequence of movies. It results in a well-structured and well-ordered movie sequence that's ideal for how-to projects (letting your view-