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Chapter 18: iDVD Secrets > Disk Images and External DVD Burners - Pg. 448

Archiving Your Project If you can't fnd a fle--say, you deleted one by accident--then keep showing iDVD the fles you can fnd. At the end of the process, click Cancel. Your project will open just fne, but you'll see a big black space (Figure 18-12, bot- tom) where the missing fle ought to be. At this point, you can replace it with a fle that you do have. Figure 18-12: Top: If you open a project whose original movies, photos, or sounds have been moved or renamed, you see this message. Click Cancel to proceed without those fles, or click Find File to show iDVD where the fle is now. Bottom: The broken link image indicates a fle that iDVD can't fnd. Avoid this problem by keeping all your source fles on the hard drive until after you've burned your project.