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Chapter 16: iDVD Projects by Hand > The DVD Map--and Autoplay - Pg. 396

Submenus ("Folders") the problem before you burn the DVD. If not, when you go to burn, you'll be prompted once again to lower the total menu minutes. Tip: You can always peek at the current overall menu duration of your project by opening the Customize drawer and clicking the Status tab. The project size section lists the current total menu duration used by your project. The DVD Map--and Autoplay As you can see, menus and submenus can build up with alarming rapidity. At times your projects may grow out of control; pretty soon, you feel like Hansel and Gretel with not enough bread crumbs. iDVD's Map pretty much eliminates these navigation problems. It's a living, interactive diagram whose icons represent your DVD's menus, videos, and slideshows and reveal Figure 16-9: In iDVD 5, the size slider lets you view the