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Chapter 16: iDVD Projects by Hand > Creating a New Project - Pg. 386

Building iDVDs contains all of your project settings and materials. (As you know from Chapter 4, iMovie projects are package documents, too.) 2.Chooseatheme. Use any of iDVD 5's pre-designed, professional-looking design schemes for your project (or add-on themes you've bought on the Web), as described in the previ- ous chapter. 3.Addmoviesandslideshowsbyhand. If you've only created iDVD projects from within iMovie, this is the part that's new to you: adding iMovie movies to an iDVD project manually. In fact, you'll have to do it this way if you want your DVD to contain a selection of different movies. You can also create fantastic slideshows this way, as you'll see in this chapter. 4.Edityourmenus. Customize the way your menus look. Edit your menu and button titles and add pictures or movies to your drop zones. 5.PreviewandburntheDVD. The process ends just as it did in the previous chapter: You look over your work