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Chapter 15: From iMovie to iDVD > Why iDVD? - Pg. 351

chapter 15 From iMovie to iDVD i DVD is the software that lets you turn your iMovie movies and iPhoto slideshows into Hollywood-style DVDs that people can watch on their TVs. Visions of Block- buster may dance in your head, because as you'll see in the following chapters, iDVD 5 is loaded with enhancements that help you make your personal DVD look even more like a commercial Hollywood DVD than ever before. iDVD lets you add menus, playback controls, and other navigation features to your iMovie movies, resulting in dynamic, interactive DVDs that look amazingly profes- sional. iDVD handles the technology; you control the style. The software requirement is iDVD. The hardware requirement is a DVD recording drive, preferably an Apple SuperDrive built into your Mac. Note: The word is preferably a built-in SuperDrive, because you don't necessarily need one. For starters, you can do the design work on a Mac that doesn't have a DVD burner, and then burn the actual disc on another machine later. That's a great feature in, for example, school computer labs that have 12 Macs but only two that can burn DVDs. (For step-by-step instructions, see page 445.) Furthermore, now you can even use external, non-Apple DVD burners to create DVDs. See page 450. Why iDVD? You already know from Chapter 11 that you can export your fnished iMovie project back to a good old VHS cassette, one of the world's most sure-fre distribution meth- ods. Anyone who doesn't have a VCR in this day and age probably wouldn't appreciate your cinematic genius anyway. But preserving your work on a DVD gives you a boatload of benefts: chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 351