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Chapter 15: From iMovie to iDVD > What You're in For - Pg. 353

What You're in For In the following chapters, you can read about using iDVD manually, where you can integrate movies, still pictures, and sound in very fexible ways. But especially at frst, most people take one of the two simplest approaches: (a) create the movie in iMovie, and then hand it off to iDVD, or (b) burn your DVD directly using the new OneStep DVD process (page 381). This chapter guides you through the fve broad steps of using iMovie and iDVD together: 1.Prepareyouraudio,video,andpictures. In addition to movies, iDVD can incorporate audio and graphics fles into your shows. iDVD doesn't, however, offer any way to create or edit these fles. You must prepare them in other programs frst. 2.Insertchaptermarkers. In a commercial Hollywood DVD, you can jump around the movie without re- winding or fast-forwarding, thanks to the movie's scene menu or chapter menu. It's basically a screenful of bookmarks for certain scenes in the movie. (One way to create these useful scene breaks in iMovie HD is to position the Playhead and What You're in For