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Chapter 15: From iMovie to iDVD > Phase 3: Hand Off to iDVD - Pg. 361

chapter markers move with them. If you delete a clip, iMovie removes the included chapters. ·When you copy a clip, you copy chapter markers. When you duplicate a clip, iMovie copies all of its chapters at their original positions. ·Framesmatter,nottiming. When you slow down or speed up a clip, the included chapter marks slide accordingly, retaining their relative positions within the clip. ·There's a"secret" unlisted chapter. iMovie and iDVD always create one more chapter than you see on the iDVD Chapters list. This extra chapter corresponds to the very beginning of your movie (00:00:00), and starts out with the label "Begin- ning." (You won't see it until you arrive in iDVD.) ·YourfnishediDVDscreenscanftupto12buttonsperscreen.The actual number used depends on the theme you pick. (Themes are prebuilt designs with coordinat- ing backgrounds, buttons, fonts, and, if you like, background audio.) When you include more chapters per screen than the theme allows (including "Beginning"), your scene-selection menus will extend to more than one screen, as shown in Figure 15-6. Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers Phase 3: Hand Off to iDVD