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Chapter 13: Movies on the Web--and On th... > Posting to Your .Mac Account - Pg. 316

Make the Big Screen Tiny · A frame size of 160 x 120 · The H.263 or Sorenson 3 codec · A frame rate of no more than 12 frames per second · A monaural soundtrack, not stereo If the need to downsize your movie like this doesn't crush your artistic pride, the worst is over. Here, then, is how you can make your videos available to the universe. Posting to Your .Mac Account By far the easiest way to post your movies on the Internet is to use one of Apple's $100- per-year .Mac accounts (visit for details, or open System Preferences, click .Mac, and click Sign Up). A .Mac account gives you a whole raft of Internet-based services and conveniences: electronic greeting cards, synchronizing of calendars and Web bookmarks among the different Macs in your life, a backup program, an antivi- rus program, the ability to check your email online--and HomePage, which lets you generate your own Web page and occupy it with an iMovie movie. In iMovie, you can post your fnished masterpiece on a .Mac Web page with little more than a couple of clicks: