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Chapter 13: Movies on the Web--and On th... > Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site - Pg. 321

Tip: Before posting your movies, watch a few of the featured movies already on these Web sites to get a feel for what people are doing and what kinds of movies each of these sites accepts. You may get more out of watching the movies that other people have posted than posting your own. The lessons you can learn from other amateurs and independents--both in the mistakes they make and in the clever techniques they adopt--make this book's teachings look like only Chapter 1. Posting to Your .Mac Account For example, is the big time--the most commercial and profes- sional Web site of its kind. The site specializes in short flms and animations, from 30 seconds to 30 minutes long. Your stuff has to be good to make the cut, however, as Atom posts fewer than 10 percent of the movies it receives. Its explicit purpose is to get them sold to TV producers and Hollywood studios. (Unfortunately, very few of the movies here are available in QuickTime format. Atom isn't one of the most Mac-friendly movie sites.) is Atom's biggest rival. Since it's less fussy about what gets posted, several hundred movies are available. The odds are pretty good, then, that some of its contributors will get picked up. As made famous by Time magazine, two guys who made the short black comedy Sunday's Game, for example, were offered a TV development deal from Fox. iFilm provides a special Web page for each movie, complete with your synopsis,