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Part: III Editing > Designing Titles and Menus - Pg. 270

270 Chapter 10. Designing Titles and Menus Studio's Title editor is one of its most important tools, performing double duty to create both titles and DVD menus. Fortunately, the Title editor, formerly known as Title Deko, has always been both elegant and easy to learn. To start, here's a quick function flyover. First, for all video productions, DVD or otherwise, the Title editor creates full-screen titles, positioned on the Video track, that introduce the movie or new sec- tions, or show final credits. Second, again for all video productions, the Title editor produces overlay titles, positioned on the Title track, which are displayed over your videos. These are useful for adding logos or text descrip- tions that enhance the video. For example, you could have the title "Billy's First Birthday" running along the bottom of a clip showing the happy child with chocolate cake all over his face. Finally, the Title editor also produces the menus needed to navigate through and around your DVD titles. Note that the Title editor works identically for both 4:3 and 16:9 projects. Just be sure to be in the