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Chapter 14. Creating Digital Output > General Encoding Parameters

General Encoding Parameters

Now that we know which codecs and presets to use and when, let's look at the general encoding parameters, which work with all format options except RealVideo and Windows Media. I'll cover only how to apply a preset because that's what I recommend for most users, and because the custom options vary significantly between the technologies.

To encode into any format other than Real or Windows Media using a preset

After completing your project, do one of the following:

  • At the top of the Studio interface, click Make Movie (Figure 14.8). Then, at the left of the Make Movie panel, click File (Figure 14.8).

    Figure 14.8. OK, let's get started. Click Make Movie, then File.

Click the Format drop-down list and choose the target format (Figure 14.9).

Figure 14.9. Choose your format first.

Click the Preset drop-down list and choose the target preset (Figure 14.10).

Figure 14.10. Then pick a preset.

Studio computes the project's disk requirements and warns you in the Status box if you don't have the necessary disk space (Figure 14.11). Studio also displays the currently selected encoding parameters for both audio and video.

Figure 14.11. Studio identifies the encoding parameters, checks disk space, and advises you of any issues.

Beneath the Status box, click Create File (Figure 14.11).

Studio opens the Save File As dialog box (Figure 14.12).

Figure 14.12. Name the file and choose the location.

Type the file name and change the location if desired.

Click OK to close the dialog box.

Studio starts encoding. You should see the Timeline scrubber moving through the video, the video updating in the Player, and progress in the bars beneath the Player window (Figure 14.13).

Figure 14.13. Then sit and wait while the file renders.

Depending upon the codec and the rendering stage, the Player may be black, as shown, or may show the frames being encoded.

To play the video after encoding, click the Windows Media Open File button in the Make Movie window (Figure 14.14).

Figure 14.14. Studio will play your file after encoding. Use the RealPlayer for RealVideo, the Windows Media Player for every other format.



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