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Chapter 4. Capturing Analog Video > Adding Scene Comments

Adding Scene Comments

If you want to rename or annotate your captured scenes to make them easier to find and use in your final production, go to the Album in Capture mode.

If you intend to add comments to your scenes, note that Studio updates the Album each time you capture, so if you start another capture before changing the scene comments, Studio stores the captured file and associated comments and clears the Capture Album to make room for the next capture. Don't worry; you can easily find your captured files and comments in the Album in Edit mode and edit your scene comments there (see “Working with Scene Comments” in Chapter 6).

To add scene comments to your captured video

In the Album, slowly double-click the text immediately to the right of the Video icon to make it editable (Figure 4.31).

Figure 4.31. To add or change scene comments, click the text twice slowly.

Type the desired comment.

Save your comment by doing one of the following (Figure 4.32):

  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

  • Click anywhere outside the comment box on the Studio interface to set the comments.

Figure 4.32. Then type in your description.

✓ Tips

  • You're not actually changing the file name; you're editing text that can be seen only inside Studio.

  • If you plan to combine your scenes on the Edit tab of the Album, note that Studio blows away all screen comments when you combine scenes. You might want to look at “Combining Scenes” in Chapter 6 before you invest much time in naming your captured scenes.

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