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Chapter 1. Welcome to Final Cut Express > Your First Final Cut Express Project:...

Your First Final Cut Express Project: Start to Finish

Here’s a roadmap you can use to chart a course through your first FCE project. This flowchart describes the production pathway of a typical DV project from hardware setup through output of the finished program. At each step, you’ll find pointers to sections in this book that describe that part of the process in more detail.

Set up hardware, install FCE, and choose an initial Easy Setup: Use a FireWire cable to connect your DV camcorder to your computer. If you hook up your hardware before you install FCE, the program will select the correct initial settings automatically. (If you’ve already installed FCE, don’t worry—those settings are easy to define at any time.)

See Chapter 2, “Installing and Setting Up.”

Capture DV: Use the controls in the Capture window to capture raw video and audio from your DV camcorder and save it to a hard disk.

See Chapter 5, “Capturing Video.”

Import other media elements: Add music or sound effects, or graphics elements such as digital stills or graphics created in Photoshop.

See Chapter 6, “Importing Digital Media.”

Rough assembly:Review your raw video in the Viewer and select the portions you want to use by marking In and Out points. Assemble the selected portions into a rough cut in an empty sequence in the Timeline. If your project includes narration, be sure to edit a draft narration into your rough cut. If you plan to base the rhythm of your cut on a piece of music, you should edit the music into the rough cut as well.

See Chapter 9, “Basic Editing.”

Fine cut: Revisit your rough cut and make fine adjustments to edit points directly in the Timeline or in the Trim Edit window or by opening sequence clips and making adjustments in the Viewer.

See Chapter 11, “Fine Cut: Trimming Edits.”

Finishing: When your fine cut is complete, use FCE’s text generators to add titles, apply the Color Corrector filter to tweak the video’s color balance, and fill out the audio tracks with effects and music.

See Chapter 14, “Compositing and Effects Overview.”

Output: Output your finished program to DV tape or to a DVD-mastering program like Apple’s iDVD, or export it in a compressed QuickTime format for distribution in another digital format like streaming web video or CD-ROM.

See Chapter 19, “Creating Final Output.”



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