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Playing a Sequence

There are two approaches to playing a sequence: either using specific buttons and controls on the interface or using keyboard shortcuts. Three keys in particular—J, K, and L—provide a very convenient way to play your sequence. By using combinations of these keys, you can play a sequence slow or fast, forward or backward, and view it frame by frame.

Make the Timeline window active, and press the spacebar to begin playing the sequence.

In the Timeline, the playhead moves across the clips and ruler area as the sequence images and sounds play in the Canvas.

Press the spacebar again to stop playing the sequence. Press it again to play and again to stop. Press Home to return to the beginning of the sequence.

Position your first three fingers over the J, K, and L keys. Press the L key to play forward, then press J to reverse and play backward. Press K to stop.

To double the forward play speed, press L twice. Press it again to play even faster. Press J, and the speed slows down a notch. Press K to stop. Press J twice to play in reverse 2x speed. Press K to stop.


Using the J, K, and L keys when editing will help you build speed as an editor. You can also use them in the Canvas and Viewer.

Hold down the K and L keys together to play forward in slow motion. Release the L key to stop. Hold down the K key, then tap the L key to move forward one frame at a time. Repeat these actions using the K and J keys.

Click in the Canvas window, and press L to play the sequence. Press L again to increase the play speed. Press K to stop.


You can also use the Home and End keys, and up, down, left, and right arrows in the Canvas.

Under the Canvas image area, click the Play button once to play the sequence. Click it again to stop the sequence. These and other transport controls will be used in later lessons.

Drag the jog control to the left to move backward a frame at a time or right to move forward. Drag the shuttle control left or right to move through the sequence at a variable speed.



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