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Lesson 15. Adding Titles and Graphics > Creating a Credit Roll

Creating a Credit Roll

You can create credits as single clips with one name on the screen at a time. Or you can use the Final Cut Pro animated Scrolling text option to roll the credits over the screen, which is the standard approach for television shows and films.

Position the playhead on the first frame of the The End Outline Text clip at the end of the sequence. Press Shift-F5 to lock all audio tracks.

You will insert a credit roll at this location, but you don't want to change or split any of the audio clips.

In the Viewer, click the Video tab, then click the Generator pop-up menu and choose Text > Scrolling Text. Change the clip duration to 5 seconds.


The Scrolling Text option in the Generator Items pop-up menu is not bold, so it may not play in real-time on your computer.

Edit the Scrolling Text clip into the Timeline as an Insert edit at the playhead position.

Double-click the Scrolling Text clip to open it in the Viewer, and click the Controls tab. In the Timeline, move the playhead into the Scrolling Text clip to see it in the Canvas.

The Scrolling Text has a built-in animation that moves the text up from the bottom of the screen and rolls it off the top of the screen, like typical movie credits. If the playhead is parked at the end or beginning of the clip, you won't see the text.

In the text entry area, enter the following information, including the asterisks between the credit and person's name, and press Return after each line. Press Tab after the last line to see the text update in the Canvas:

Produced by*Name

Directed by*Name

Edited by*Name

Final Cut Pro creates two symmetrical columns separated by a gap where the asterisks were entered in the text. When no asterisk is entered, all the text is centered together.


It may seem intuitive to place a space before and after the asterisks, but it is not necessary and will not create the desired effect.

Drag the scroll bar down to the lower Controls parameters. Make the Size 34 and set Spacing to –2. Adjust the Gap Width to 10% to increase the distance between the two columns.

To fade your credits in and out as they appear on and off the screen, enter a Fade Size of 25%.


Drag the playhead to the beginning or end of the clip to see where the credits fade in or out.

Change the Leading to 190%.

Play the Scrolling Text clip. If your computer has trouble playing it, preview it by pressing Option-P.

The length of this clip determines the amount of time it takes for all of the text to scroll through the frame. If you shorten the clip, the scrolling text moves faster. If you lengthen the clip, the scrolling text moves slower.



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