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Lesson 15. Adding Titles and Graphics > Using the Outline Text Generator

Using the Outline Text Generator

The Outline Text generator allows you to create an outline around the letters of your text, add a background image to your text, or even fill the text, outline, or background with different images from other clips. This exercise will guide you through some of Outline Text's possibilities, but there are numerous ways to adjust this type of text clip.

Park the playhead over the PA team owner clip. Because of the position of the man in the frame, a lower third is inappropriate here.

In the Viewer, click the Video tab, and from the Generator pop-up menu choose Text > Outline Text.

The default Sample Text appears in the Outline Text style.

Drag the image from the Viewer to the Canvas and drop it on the Superimpose section of the Canvas Edit Overlay.

In the Timeline, double-click the Outline Text clip to open it in the Viewer. Click the Controls tab.

In the Text field, enter Phil Alderton, and press Return. On the second line, enter Team Owner, and press Tab to see it in the Canvas. Choose Arial Black for the Font, choose Bold for the Style, and enter 35 for the Size.

Set Tracking to 3, Leading to –20, Line Width to 20, and Line Softness to 3.

Use the Select Color tool to choose a blue from the bike as the outline color of the text.

Although the text looks good, it isn't positioned properly. You can reposition text easily by toggling on the Image+Wireframe mode in the Canvas and dragging the text into place.

Click in the Canvas to make it active, and press W to toggle on Image+Wireframe. In the Canvas, drag the Outline Text clip up and to the right. Toggle on the Title Safe overlay to make sure the text sits within the title safe boundary. When you've finished positioning the text, toggle off Title Safe, and return the Canvas to just the Image mode.



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