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Lesson 15. Adding Titles and Graphics > Controlling Text Options

Controlling Text Options

Once you edit a generated Text item into the sequence, you make changes to it the same way you would if you were adding a filter to a sequence clip—you open it back up into the Viewer. As with other generated items, Text provides a Controls tab in the Viewer where you can modify its attributes.

To make changes to the Text clip, double-click it to open it in the Viewer.

In the Viewer, click the Controls tab.

Note the attributes you can modify, such as Font, Size, Style, and Alignment. Scroll down to look at the other attributes, then scroll up to the Text parameter.

Click in the Text field, and when Sample Text is highlighted, type Presents.

Press the Tab key to apply this information, and look in the Canvas to see what you've typed.

Make the following text selections by choosing from the pop-up menus, adjusting the sliders, or typing the information:

  • Font: Impact

  • Size: 70

  • Alignment: Center

To change the color of the text, click the Font color picker.

Select a bright yellow color, and click OK.


You can reset parameters to their default status by clicking the red X reset button in the upper-right corner of the Controls tab.

Adjust the Tracking, Leading, and Aspect sliders to see how they affect the text in the Canvas. If you don't like a change, return to your previous settings by pressing Cmd-Z.

To double-check that the text is positioned within the proper guidelines, click the Canvas View pop-up menu and choose Show Title Safe. Toggle off Show Title Safe when you finish viewing the text.


To make sure your titles will be visible on a television set, always position them within the inner title safe boundary.



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