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Lesson 15. Adding Titles and Graphics > Applying a Text Generator

Applying a Text Generator

Generated items can be selected from two different locations: the Effects tab in the Browser, and a pop-up menu in the Viewer. The most basic of the text generators is simply called Text. You can use this text option to create a number of title clips, including slates, basic titles, and a production title card that identifies the title of the sequence, film, or project. In this exercise, you will add a title card following the logo to introduce the sequence.

In the Timeline, click the Adding Text - Starting sequence tab, and position the playhead at the start of the gap following Logo FLAT.jpg.

In the lower-right corner of the Viewer, click the Generator pop-up and choose Text > Text from the pop-up menu.


As with transitions, bolded text options will play in real time.

In the Viewer, the words SAMPLE TEXT appear over the image area. This is a default text line. The In and Out points create a 10-second default duration, which you can change in the User Preferences.


The background behind the text defaults to the last background you chose in the View menu.

For the purposes of this exercise, choose View > Background > Checkerboard 1. Click the Canvas window, and repeat this process.

All title clips contain an alpha channel. This allows you to use the text as a stand-alone item or superimposed over another clip. The checkerboard background behind the text indicates the portion of the text image that is being dropped or keyed out.


You can also choose a background from the View pop-up menu in the Viewer or the Canvas.

Change the duration of this text clip to 3 seconds.

Edit the text onto the V2 track in the Timeline at the playhead location.


To better organize your sequence, place all of your text on one track. If you ever need to create a copy of your project without titles, you can just toggle off the Visible control for the Text track. For this exercise, you will place your text edits on the V2 track.

Move the playhead to the center of the Text clip in the Timeline to see it in the Canvas.



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