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Lesson 1. Working with the Interface > Viewing Project Elements

Viewing Project Elements

You can view project elements in the Browser several different ways. You can view elements as image icons or as an alphabetized list. With a View As Icons option, you see a visual reference or thumbnail image of each video clip. Seeing a clip's thumbnail image can be a helpful reminder of your material. With the View As List option, you can see and have access to more clips in a smaller space.

To see what view is currently selected, hold down the Control key and click in the empty gray space of the Name column in the Browser window. (Or, if you use a two-button mouse, right-click in the same area.)

This shortcut menu contains three View As Icons options, each with a different-sized icon or image, and a View As List option. The check next to View As List indicates that it is the current view.

Choose View As Medium Icons from the shortcut menu.

Each video clip is now represented by a medium-sized thumbnail image of the first frame of that clip. The name and duration of the clip appear under the thumbnail image. In this view, you may have to drag the blue vertical scroll bar in the Browser to see all of the elements.

Click the Browser Zoom button to see all the clips in this view. Click the Zoom button again to return to the default window size.

Like other Mac OS X window Zoom buttons, this one expands the Browser to display as many elements as possible.

Ctrl-click again in the Browser gray area and this time choose Text Size > Medium from the shortcut menu.

This option enlarges the type identifying the project elements in the Browser and Timeline.

Ctrl-click again and choose View As List and whatever text size you prefer.

In this view, elements are sorted and listed by name, making it easier to see and organize a larger group of project elements.



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