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Lesson 1. Working with the Interface > Opening and Closing Projects

Opening and Closing Projects

When you launch Final Cut Pro, it will open the last project you worked on or a new untitled project. In the Browser, there is a tab with the project name on it. To work with the project file created for this lesson, you will open it from the files you transferred from the DVD in this book.

Choose File > Open.

In the first column of the Choose a File window, click the Macintosh HD icon; in the second column, click the FCP5 Book Files folder; and in the third column, click the Lessons folder.


If you copied the FCP5 Book Files folder to a FireWire drive, select that drive in the first column.

Select the Lesson 1 Project file, and click Choose.

In the Browser window, Lesson 1 Project appears as a separate tab next to the Effects tab. (If you already worked on another project before starting these lessons, that project's tab may appear here as well.)

In the Browser window, click the Effects tab.

This is where you select effects such as video and audio transitions and filters. Effects will be covered in a later lesson.


The use of tabs throughout Final Cut Pro helps maximize space in the interface while keeping windows organized.

If any projects other than Lesson 1 Project are open, click the project's tab to make it the active project.

To close that project, choose File > Close Project.



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