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Lesson 7. Other Editing Options > Using Markers to Create Subclips

Using Markers to Create Subclips

You previously created subclips from In and Out points in a source clip. But you can also use a marker to create a subclip since it too identifies a specific location in a clip. In this exercise, you will add markers to the Amanda dialogue clips and create subclips from those markers.

In the Browser, hide the contents of the Canoe Club bin, and reveal the contents of the Amanda bin. Open the 98A-amanda clip in the Viewer, and review the clip.

In previous lessons, you marked this clip at different locations to edit the scene. Here you will set markers where Amanda speaks, and use those markers to create subclips. Since this material follows a script that you don't have, you will number these markers for clarity of order.

Play the clip from the beginning, and stop where you first see Amanda enter the frame. Add a marker at this location, and name it 1-approaches man.


When you add a marker as a reference for making a subclip, as you're doing here, remember to give yourself some extra pad before the action or sound you want to use in editing.

Play the clip from this marker, and stop the playhead just before Amanda responds to the “Nice suit. Armani?” question. Add a second marker here, and name it 2-armani suit.

Add a third marker just before Amanda says where she is from. Name that marker 3-where you from.

Add one more marker just before Amanda speaks in her native tongue, and name that marker 4-native tongue.

You should now have four markers in the Viewer scrubber bar. Each marker represents a start point for a portion of this longer clip.

In the Browser, click the disclosure triangle next to the 98A-amanda master clip to see the markers attached to this clip.

To organize all of the subclips you will be creating, Ctrl-click the Amanda bin and choose New Bin from the shortcut menu. Name this bin Scene 98 Subclips. Drag the 98A-amanda clip into this bin and reveal the bin contents.

Now when you create subclips from this clip, they will appear in this bin, as they did when you organized subclips earlier in this lesson.

To create a subclip from the first to second marker, select the 1-approaches man marker in the Browser, then choose Modify > Make Subclip.

In the Scene 98 Subclips bin, a new subclip has been created using the marker name followed by the master clip name as a reference.


To see the full name of the new subclip, move the pointer between the Name and Duration column heads. When you see the resize arrow, drag right.

To shorten this subclip name, click its name area and delete the portion after the word man. Double-click this new subclip to open it in the Viewer. Play the clip.

The length of this subclip is from the first marker to the second marker. If you set a marker duration in the Edit Marker window, the subclip would be created starting at the marker for the length of the marker duration. If there are no markers following the one you selected, the subclip will be created from that marker to the end of the clip.

Select the other markers in the Scene 98 Subclips bin, and choose Modify > Make Subclip. Then shorten the remaining 98A-amanda subclip names.

When you create subclips from markers, you can select a group of markers and convert them all to subclips at the same time.



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