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Lesson 7. Other Editing Options > Adding Markers to Clips

Adding Markers to Clips

You can also place a marker directly on a clip in the Viewer or in the Timeline when the clip is selected. When attached to a clip, a marker will always mark the same point of reference on that clip no matter where the clip is positioned in the sequence.

In the Timeline, play the canyon runner clip.

Although the runner in this clip is very small, you can see him jump onto a rock toward the end of this clip. If you place a marker on the clip at this location, you can use it later to sync this action to a beat of music.

Park the playhead where the runner lands after jumping, and select the clip.


If a clip is not selected when you press M, the marker will appear in the ruler area as a sequence marker. If this happens, press Cmd-Z to undo the step.

Press M to place a marker on the canyon runner clip.

Press M to open the Edit Marker window, and enter runner jumps as the marker name.

With this clip selected, the marker appears on the clip and not in the Timeline ruler area.

Drag this clip to the right, and snap its Out point to the end of the sequence, then deselect the clip.

Clip markers stay with the clip wherever it's positioned in the sequence. Notice that the clip marker is pink, not green.

From the Pan to Totem Subclips bin in the Browser, open the subclip pan to paddlers, which you created earlier in this lesson.

In the Viewer, park the playhead where the paddlers begin their second complete stroke. Press M to add a marker at this location. Press M again to open the Edit Marker window. Name this marker 2nd stroke.

Like the Canvas marker, the Viewer marker is yellow when the playhead is over it. If you move the playhead away, the Viewer marker is pink.


You can apply the same shortcuts that you used for a sequence marker to delete or go to a clip marker in the Viewer. To apply these shortcuts to a clip in the Timeline, you must first select the clip.

In the Browser, click the triangle next to the pan to paddlers subclip.

When you add a marker to a clip (or a subclip) in the Viewer, it is attached to the clip and appears as an entry in the Browser.



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