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Lesson 1. Working with the Interface > Organizing Clips in Bins

Organizing Clips in Bins

You've created three bins to organize the different elements in this project. Now you will select the elements and drag them into their appropriate bins.

Drag the I Asked For Love.aif audio clip (speaker icon) to the Audio bin. When the Audio bin becomes highlighted, release the mouse button. Do the same with intro narration.aif and lightness bells.aif clips.


Whenever you drag and drop an item in Final Cut Pro, make sure the tip of the Selection tool pointer touches the target destination, in this case the bin icon or name.

To select items next to each other (contiguous), such as the three sequences, click the first sequence, Intro – Audio Only, and Shift-click the third sequence, Intro – Starting.

Drag one of the selected sequences to the Sequences bin.

As you drag these sequences together, the name of only the sequence you clicked shows, as well as the number of other items you're dragging.

When the Sequences bin becomes highlighted, release the mouse.

Select the largest group of remaining contiguous clips by clicking to the left of the first clip and dragging diagonally until the pointer touches all the clips you want to select. Then, drag these clips into the Clips bin.


Dragging diagonally to select clips is often referred to as marqueeing, as in “drag a marquee around these clips.”

Select the group of four clips on the bottom of the list, then hold down the Command key and click each of the remaining clips once to add them to the current selection. Drag them as a group into the Clips bin.


You can select any number of noncontiguous clips by holding down the Command key and clicking a clip to select or deselect it.

All the project elements are now neatly tucked away in their bins.

To save these organizational changes, press Cmd-S.



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